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  1. Hi,

    is it possible to get the paper version + pdf version of the book?

    If yes what i must do to get it and to which price ??

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  3. Cannot pay with credit card, only paypal option available (account creation and all garbage). WHY? I put all my info about the card but only paypal accepted in the end. What happened with the info that I have provided???

    • I am sorry you are having problems. You should be able to pay with a credit card. You do not need to create a Paypal account. Perhaps your credit card is not recognised? In any case, your data has not been recorded by Paypal and nothing has been debited from your credit card. You could try buying the ebook from Amazon if you want.

      • Card is OK. Use it every day even online. It is the same problem I had when I try to purchase the previous edition, force to make a paypal account. Pretty scammy ….

        • Nothing wrong with PayPal. If anything, it drastically simplifies purchasing online.
          The last thing I want is companies having my details when I only ever buy something once. Then they want you to create an account and then a password. I already have 110 passwords for accounts with people from whom I have bought things over the past decade, plus my banks and my exam marking passwords.
          I do not work for Paypal or Ebay or Penny Press, I just felt it was worth saying the advantages.

          • Hi Neil,
            I agree that Paypal is normally OK, but I also realise some people have problems occasionally. No system is perfect.

  4. When I bought this book in January/2015 i received a link to download the three versions (PDF, Kindle and Epub). Now i just have right to a single version? I need the versions in PDF and Epub!

  5. Свершилось!
    Наконец-то и рускоязычные пользователи B4A смогуть изучить все тонкости этого языка!


  6. Я так понял, что фамилию и адрес и другие поля в информации для доставки можно заполнять любым набором бессмысленных слов, главное потом оплатить и получить код для скачивания книги на русском языке. Или я не правильно думаю?

    • Да, вам не нужно, чтобы завершить название и адрес поля точно.
      Теперь мы удалили эти поля.
      Извините за причиненные неудобства

  7. Hi…

    I just tried to upgrade my e-book and system says that I had to do it before 7/4/2015… Where did that came from? I didn’t have any notice about upgrading and for sure a notice for final date…
    Can you please elaborate?

    Thank you very much


    P.S My transaction ID can be send upon request…

    • Hi Theodore,

      Sorry you didn’t see the notices posted on the B4A website. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive all notices. We do not send emails to customers unless they subscribe, as many would regard this as spam.
      In order to obtain the latest edition of the book you will need to purchase a new copy. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  8. Sorry, to bother you, Wyken,
    when you update the book again, can you expand the section on releasing my app, particularly explanations on how to protect/license my app, something like “this code/number is arbitrary”, “this should be 10 Hex pairs”, this is found in … and looks like….” etc. Even though I have been programming on and off for 40 years, it just doesn’t make sense to me at all. Since nobody at all has bought my app, it’s not a problem to me so far, though.
    I’m also struggling to get advertising in, to be able to release an ad-supported version. Downloading the libraries is the easy part, maybe a short example of what’s needed in the app code to put in interstitials or the little ad banner.

    Nice book, otherwise, It just hasn’t filled the gaps in my knowledge. Nor do the postings on the B4A forum or support, tbh, people write as though you know as much as them.

    • Hi Neil, Thanks for your comments. I have made a note of them and will consider them when I produce the next edition. Best wishes.

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