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The books were last updated on December 01, 2017.

These books cover version 7.30 of B4A.

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Please Note: If you purchased the earlier book Basic4Android then you cannot obtain the free upgrade!

The free upgrade is only offered to customers who purchased the eBook 'B4A' from the Penny Press Store.

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How to find your Transaction ID

If you have a Paypal Account

1) Find the email you received from Paypal when you purchased the ebook.

The email's title will include Receipt for Your Payment.

2) Find and note the Transaction ID from the email. It will be found near the top of the email, as shown below

Please do NOT use the Paypal RECEIPT NUMBER: it will NOT work.

3) Note also the email address to which the message was sent.

If you paid by Credit Card

1) Send an email to sales@pennypress.co.uk with the Invoice Number shown in the email you received from Paypal when you purchased the ebook. Ask us for your Transaction ID.

2) Note also the email address to which Paypal send the invoice message.

How to download your free upgrade

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