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  2. salut
    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi lors de l’achat on oblige les gens à ouvrir un compte paypal contre leur volonté?
    Bien de choses à vous
    I do not understand why when buying it compel people to open PayPal against their will ?
    Good things to you

        • It turns out that the pages you see can vary by country and also can change if you have used Guest Checkout several times before. In addition the pages you see have changed since we wrote the original instructions so I have updated them. But I cannot guarantee you will see the same in every country and on every occasion. In case of difficulty you could try buying our products from Amazon.

          • Only problem with that is that the free updates don’t apply to the Amazon purchased books?
            A suggestion: Look at what O’reilly does and do a $5 updatable ebook purchase for printed book owners. (Although without solving the paypal payment problem with credit cards not sure how I can complete a transaction – maybe have an alternate payment processor?)

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