If you have purchased a copy of the ebook B4A by Wyken Seagrave from the Penny Press Store, then you can upgrade it FREE to the latest version for the lifetime of that product.

The ebooks were last updated as follows:

English version covering version 12.50 of B4A was last updated 31 July, 2023
Spanish version covering version 9.80 of B4A was last updated 20 July, 2020

Note that some ebooks are not available in all formats, in which case an available format will be downloaded.

If you bought the ebook after the dates above then you already have the latest version and this upgrade will not work.

If you have not yet purchased the book, you can buy it here.

Please Note: If you purchased the earlier book Basic4Android then you cannot obtain the free upgrade!

The free upgrade is only offered to customers who purchased the eBook 'B4A' from the Penny Press Store.

To upgrade you will need your order number and the email address you used when you made the purchase.

How to find these details

1) Find the email you received when you purchased the ebook.

The email's title will include Confirmation of Order [#nnnn] from Penny Press Store.

2) Find and note the order number from the email. It is the number following the # sign

3) Note also the email address to which the message was sent.

How to download your free upgrade

1) Enter these data in the form below.

2) Select the ebook format you require.

3) Click 'Download'.

Order Number e.g. 1234 (do not include #)
Email address which received the Order Confirmation
Required Format

If you enter valid data, your selected ebook should begin to download after you click Download

Since some files are large, the download may take some time.

If you purchased the ebook recently then you already have the latest version and do not need to upgrade.

In case of difficulty please contact b4a@pennypress.co.uk