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halloween-210x300Halloween is a great time for having fun and experimenting with all things supernatural. This ebook takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to help children under 10 years of age realise that even magic has a scientific basis. It explains how to conduct ten magic tricks which can easily be performed with materials found in most homes and will amaze friends and parents.

It then gives an account of what a poor scientist who does not believe in magic might say about the physical basis for the trick. But DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! It’s really magic, pure and simple.

Great fun for all ages, but especially for the 5 to 10 age range, the book contains the following utterly magic tricks.

List of Tricks

1. Vampire Bomb. The vampires are coming! You need to frighten them away with a loud explosion, but all you have are the things in your house. Here is what you do.

2. Ghoul Drowner. A ghoul has come into your house. You already know that ghouls die when they touch water. Frighten the ghoul away by threatening to drown him.

3. Little Devil’s Flute. The little devil who lives in the woods wants to summon the witches to his party but he has forgotten his flute. He comes into your house and threatens to take you to hell unless you can make him a new one. No worries. Here is what you do.

4. Ghost in a Bottle. A ghost has come into your home? Here is how you capture him in a bottle!

5. Foaming Potions. The evil spirits of Halloween have come a long way to see you and they are very thirsty. If you don’t give them a drink they will be very angry. You must make a potion which evil spirits love.

6. Weighing a Ghost. Some people think ghosts float because they are weightless, but this trick proves they are wrong. Of course, some boring people think they can explain it with science. Fools!

7. Dracula’s Dagger. How to turn a straw into a Count Dracula’s dagger by magic.

8. Magic Diving Wand. Make a magic want which will obey your instructions but nobody else’s!

9. Magic Balloons. Only you, the wizard, is able to stop the balloon exploding.

10. Dragon’s Eggs. Dragon’s eggs are extremely strong. This trick lets you make and test one!


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