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Now Covers B4A Version 6.00

B4A 2nd Ed Front Cover-1000Android is the world’s favorite mobile operating system and B4A is the easiest rapid app development tool, allowing complete beginners to create powerful Android apps using the easily learned BASIC language.

This book covers B4A version 6.00. It starts with step-by-step beginners’ guides explaining how to from install B4A, use the WYSIWYG visual editor, plan, design, develop, test, publish and make money from Android apps in the shortest possible time. It details how to use B4A to create graphics and databases, to communicate with the user and to modify your app dynamically so it will look good on a wide range of devices. It then gives a comprehensive reference guide to every keyword, object and core library.

This complete guide is suitable for intermediate and expert developers but will also be useful for beginners. It covers every aspect of B4A through a comprehensive reference section to extending the tool using Additional Libraries supplied by other users. It will quickly repay its cost by the time saved in finding the information you need when you need it.

A trial version of B4A can be downloaded free from the B4A website.

A set of free resources to support this book is available here.

Table of Contents and Index

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Recent Reviews on Amazon

5 stars Good book. A lot of functionality is included 30 Mar. 2016
By David M. Acre – Published on Amazon.com
Good book. A lot of functionality is included.

5 stars B4A is a Great product! This book is a GREAT Read! 13 April 2016
By Amazon Customer – Published on Amazon.com
Well written. Easy read! Thanks!

5 stars Lo mejor de lo mejor 1 April 2016
By victor medrano pmb #36382 – Published on Amazon.com

5 stars Five Stars 7 Mar. 2016
By Kjell Hasthi – Published on Amazon.com
Well written

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Also available in PDF and EPUB from Penny Press store.

Reader’s comments on this and earlier editions

“Best money I’ve spent in a long time. Bravo”

“Excellent! I have no doubt that this will become, or already is, the definitive guide to writing apps for any Android device.” Amazon Customer

“This book does an excellent job of explaining most things. Buying this book was money well spent.” Richard J. Garcia

“This was a book that I now use as a constant reference and have found it a mine of information. Brilliantly written and presented.”

“Excellent book. Just what I was looking for.”

“I will not now be able to think of developing an app without this book at my side.”

Free Updates

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Where to Buy

The ebook is available in PDF, EPUB and Mobi formats from our online store. See the note above about free updates.

The paperback edition is this book is available from our online store and from all good bookstores world-wide. Quote the ISBN 9781512296259.

The book is also available from Amazon here and from Barnes & Noble here.

Book Details

629 pages, nearly 4000 images, size 19.05 x 23.50 x 3.36 cm
BISAC Category: COM051460
ISBN of the eBook edition: 9781871281224
ISBN of the paperback edition: 9781512296259

More about the B4A Application

B4A knocks spots off every other IDE for Android. Most of them require developers to learn Java with all its complexities as well as wrestling with the use of an unfamiliar hardware platform. B4A makes everything easy.

Only B4A allows developers to easily create native and market-compatible applications without having to write any XML, achieving a performance that is similar to Java written applications. Using it, those developers who know Visual Basic better than Java can go from downloading b4A to creating their first native app on their device within seven minutes.

What professional developers say about B4A

“I’ve [made] more progress with B4A in 3 hours than I have in 3 months with other Android IDEs.” Morgan Matthews.

“I must say as a Visual Basic expert B4A is the best software purchase I’ve made in a long time. Within an hour of installing I had a fully functional application running on both my phone and tablet.” Dylan Palmer.

“This is the greatest product ever! After spending two months trying to learn Java, I stumbled upon you. I have been a VB programmer for 25 years, and I am in heaven now! Thank you!” Marc Mieher.

This delightful system has produced a dedicated band of over 25 thousand developers who have expanded the system by contributing their own libraries to the community as well as helping each other solve problems.


B4A Book — 26 Comments

  1. Great news. I can hardly wait. Any firm release date? Summer starts on June 20th or 21st here in the US so I guess it will be in 39 or 40 days huh? 🙂

    • Hi Dave,

      We’ve actually finished the text of the book covering version 4.3, but we decided to hang on because Erel is planning to bring out another version fairly soon.

      However, following requests from readers we’ve decided to issue the book now and then update it when the new version is available.

      We’ll prepare the book for publication this week and it should be available maybe next week.

      Best wishes, and thanks for your interest.

    • There will be a link from this page to the website where you can buy a copy of the ebook as soon as it is released.

  2. Will the Amazon version of the book also be updated? I see that an update was released 27 July 2015, but not sure if you would roll out your changes to Amazon.
    It is great that you update the book, but if I can only get an update through penny press, I would need to return my Amazon purchase and purchase through penny press instead.

    • Hi Gustav,

      Yes, the B4A Kindle book was updated on Amazon and should automatically roll out to those who have bought it.

  3. Have the B4A v5x changes been added to the paperback book being sold on Amazon or is the Amazon paperback still only covering B4A 4.x?


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    • Hi,

      We have already finished editing the book for version 5-5, and are in process of getting it ready for publication. It will be available in the next few days.

  6. Pingback: B4A Book Newsletter Subscription | Penny Press

    • Hello David,
      I think this is a fair request so I will add this to the list of tasks I need to do. I can’t promise when it will be done, however. Can you please verify that you are unable to buy the book via PayPal from the Penny Press on-line store?

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