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  1. Great news. I can hardly wait. Any firm release date? Summer starts on June 20th or 21st here in the US so I guess it will be in 39 or 40 days huh? 🙂

    • Hi Dave,

      We’ve actually finished the text of the book covering version 4.3, but we decided to hang on because Erel is planning to bring out another version fairly soon.

      However, following requests from readers we’ve decided to issue the book now and then update it when the new version is available.

      We’ll prepare the book for publication this week and it should be available maybe next week.

      Best wishes, and thanks for your interest.

    • There will be a link from this page to the website where you can buy a copy of the ebook as soon as it is released.

  2. Will the Amazon version of the book also be updated? I see that an update was released 27 July 2015, but not sure if you would roll out your changes to Amazon.
    It is great that you update the book, but if I can only get an update through penny press, I would need to return my Amazon purchase and purchase through penny press instead.

    • Hi Gustav,

      Yes, the B4A Kindle book was updated on Amazon and should automatically roll out to those who have bought it.

  3. Have the B4A v5x changes been added to the paperback book being sold on Amazon or is the Amazon paperback still only covering B4A 4.x?


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    • Hi,

      We have already finished editing the book for version 5-5, and are in process of getting it ready for publication. It will be available in the next few days.

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    • Hello David,
      I think this is a fair request so I will add this to the list of tasks I need to do. I can’t promise when it will be done, however. Can you please verify that you are unable to buy the book via PayPal from the Penny Press on-line store?

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